Dr. Delorme Testimonials
Our Patients Speak

I suffer from chronic neck pain, was not getting better, adjustments helped!! Geoff E

Martial Arts Injury- headaches, fatigue and shoulder pain. Progressive steps in neck vertebrae manipulation without pain and I was impressed by the change in posture and pain reduction. When I discribe the adjustments to others I refer to it as the the "Delorme Hug". Ian P

I have had tremendous results due to my chiropractic care with Dr Delorme. I have more energy, no longer get frequent headaches. I tell as many people as I can about my chiropractic success storey! Andrea P

My life has improved greatly since beginning chiropractic care, all my pain is gone, breathing and sleep has gotten better. My life is back on course to a normal life. Thank God for Dr Delorme, he does such a good job! Samali O

Dr Delorme has helped my airways, I breath easier! As always, Woodroffe Chiropractic Office, Staff and Chiropractors are Stellar and like family(the ones you like to hang around.) Joanne B

The difference is beyond compare, the healing process has been rapid and extremely effective. I will take and enjoy the full benefits of continued chiropractic adjustments, for my renewed energy and mobility. Chris R

When I walk out of the office, I could walk miles, dance up stairs, but I need to return every 2 weeks to feel like this. Bernadette R

I have better work days, I feel healthy. Paul G

Feeling more relief from the pain, moving more freely. Domenica U

I am enjoying life much better since coming to Dr. Delorme, Jackie and the wonderful staff. Karen B

I have much more energy, it has encouraged me to exercise. Janet J

I can honestly say that Dr. Delorme has changed my life, not sure where I would be without him. Lina B

Enjoying life to the fullest at the moment. Chantal S

Feeling better and better with every visit. Denis L

Pain and discomfort is gone. Linda S

I feel like I have a lot less pain and more energy. This has been a positive life experience. Norma W

Within 2 weeks of neck adjustments I was pain free! It was fantastic! The sunlight did not send shooting pains through my eyes. I was able to go back to work at the hospital. Chiropractic gave me my life back! I was able to come off most of my medications that my M.D. gave me. I am a huge advocate of chiropractic and recommend it to my colleagues and friends when they start to have any problems. Julia R

I am now able to enjoy life and my children. I am no longer affected by my headaches. I went from having headaches constantly to maybe once in a while. After my first adjustment I went a whole month without a headache. I love my chiropractor, he has given my life back! Pam H

I have more energy, fewer days off work, my activity has increased and sleep better! Lee Ann O

I have better balance, no longer using stabilizer belt.I can sit for longer periods of time and my energy has improved. Joanne D

It's nice to be able to walk and sit without being in pain. Jenn B

I can function normally without even thinking about my back, can play with my children without being in pain! Margo B

No more headaches, I have a lot more energy, no days off work, and can finally sleep through the night. Phil R

Over time, I have fewer headaches, I would rather see Dr Delorme than a Medical Dr, I feel 100% better following a maintenance program. Pauline H

No more headaches and no more asthma medications! Rhonda C

I am able to go to the gym 3x a week, I was unable to exercise before. I even got rid of my arch supports and have had only one or two bouts of back problems in the last 3 yrs. Sharon B

The first adjustment was "magical".My headaches have totally disappeared and feel very healthy. I have not had one sick day during the treatment. In fact, I keep advising friends and co worker to see the chiropractor who suffers with pain. The best part is, I don't carry any pain killers in my purse, anymore. Anita R

Over all I feel much better , no headaches, more energy,I feel like there is new hope, on the path to recovery. A work in progress so to speak. Derek E

Can walk without pain, enjoy going for a walk! Phil K

I have more energy and less pain. Pina D

Rarely need to take time off work, can play with my granddaughter, play golf, and more energy. 30 years ago I was told by my G.P. that I would have to have back surgery! Never happened, praise god for chiropractic care. Carolyn E

Headaches and earaches are gone!! I am able to sleep and function again. My appetite is also returning-- I have my life back. Molly S