Annisa's Story

Praise for Woodroffe Chiropractic

I came to Woodroffe Chiropractic in 2012 with what the doctors were calling acute right sciatica. It was extremely painful and I could hardly walk. As painful as it was, it was not my only problem. After falling off my horse in 2010, I had been through two years of physio therapy for my neck, upper and lower back. Over time the misalignment of my spine caused severe heartburn and indigestion, painful menstrual cycles, trouble sleeping and low energy levels. I spent thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to correct these symptoms, and the only thing that relieved my pain was painkillers.

I have also been dealing with migraine headaches most of my life. I was taking blood pressure medication on a daily basis, not to mention the loads of codeine and other painkillers on a weekly basis.

After seeing a chiropractor my grandfather recommended in my hometown of Pembroke, On, I was finally starting to believe that I could get better. He told me that I would be able to live pain free, lower my blood pressure and drastically reduce the occurence of my migraines. I was so relieved, and only slightly skeptical. My only problem was that after I returned to work in Ottawa, I wouldn't be able to return to Pembroke three times a week to get an adjustment. I was terrifed to leave the comfort and security I had established with this office. I was scared to end up in an office that didn't have the "small town charm" and friendliness I am so fond of.

As it turns out, I had nothing to fear. The very first day I walked into Woodroffe Chiropractic I was pleasantly surprised to see a sign welcoming me by name on the door. I was greeted with a smile and some polite chit chat. I was immediately comfortable and relaxed. After spending almost an hour with Dr Delorme, my fears were demolished and my faith restored. He reassured me that I would soon be pain free and that over time I would be able to eliminate most of my symptoms.

Over the next few months I grew to love coming 2-3 times a week. I loved chatting with Kathy and Lesley and they always made me feel welcome. Kathy would always ask me how I was feeling, how my day at work was and how my puppy was doing. I grew to love my weekly massage with Shelley. Some people like silence while being massaged so that they can relax, but with Shelley we were like two friends catching up every week. She never failed to make me laugh. Even the few times I came in with a migraine and was cranky and irritable, I would leave relaxed, and with a smile on my face. Dr Delorme would always take the time to stop and listen to anything I had to say. He encouraged me to eliminate some stress out of my life, and continued to make a believer out of me. As someone who has spent years in pain and seeing no results, it was an amazing feeling to actually have people stop what they were doing to listen to what I was saying. I firmly believe that the reason I am better is because of the compassion these people have shown me.

I am now pain free! I have loads more energy, I sleep better at night, my indigestion and heartburn are gone and my migraines are less frequent. The biggest accomplishment of all, I am off blood pressure medications!

I want to thank each member of the Woodroffe Chiropractic team for making me feel so comfortable, and for making a believer out of me. They encouraged me to live a healthier, less stressful life and for that I am eternally grateful. Chiropractic care works, I am living, breathing, and smiling example of that!

Thank you to the moon and back for giving me my life back!!


Annisa M