Bob's Story
How I became a convert to Chiropractic:

In early 1945 my mother-in-law, a heavy woman, was riding the street car on Bank Street South in Ottawa. She lived in the Glebe and signalled her stop at 5th Ave. When she exiting the car, she was a mite slow, the operator was impatient and closed the door before she was clear, catching her foot in the treadle as it folded up, pitching her onto the pavement, shaking her up and badly injuring her knee. She consulted a Dr. Ford, a chiropractor, whose office was a little further south on Bank Street and he restored her knee in short order. Of course we got the full story and were impressed.

In August of 1945 I was a pilot in the RCAF and had just been repatriated after wars end. The next month my best friend, an army officer, was also repatriated and my wife and I went with his wife to the old arena (where the YMCA now stands) to welcome him home. My wife and I shivareed them for a bit but then when we felt it was time to leave we shook hands- and he gave me a good- natured twist.

The next morning I could't't get out of bed! Every time I moved it caused an excruciating pain in my right lower chest. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital at Stn Rockliffe where I was X-rayed four times since the doctors felt at first glance that I might have a broken back. After four days and no exact diagnosis or treatment, I asked to go home and the doctors agreed. During those four days I had learned to breath without expanding my chest so the pains had subsided somewhat but not completely.

My family convinced me to go to Dr. Ford. I told him the same story you have just read. He listened and said, " I think I know what's wrong - lie down on the couch, face down." He manipulated me and when he was through he said: " There, it's back in place, stand up". I pushed myself gingerly, then stood and found myself without discomfort of any kind. When I asked the cause, he said: "Being a man, the lowest rib in your chest is short and when your friend twisted you, the ligament separating the ribs flipped over the end of the short rib and every time you breathed it would feel like somebody had pushed a knife into you. It will happen again in about a week or eight days when you bend down to pick up something on the floor and when it does, I'll put it back again and that will be the end of it." And so it was.

Fast forward to 1967. I had retired after a 28 year career in the RCAF ( where I had never needed a chiropractor) and we were settled in Ottawa. I had become an avid curler over the years and had joined the Granite Curling Club on Scott St. I was a"Skip" and one day I was curling against a friend, a Dr Paul Holtom who was a well known Chiropractor her in Ottawa. About the seventh end, he said" Your not coming out of the hack in your usual style- what's wrong?" I told him that I couldn't pin point the cause so he asked me to come and see him and let him look me over. He gave me a great work up and treatment that included straightening a slightly curved spine. He recommended that I have regular treatments which I still do. When he retired, I moved to a Dr. Johnson at Woodroffe Chiropractic Clinic who was succeeded by Dr. Eric Delorme.

At age 91 plus, I feel quite young and fit for my age, thanks in great measure to these fine practitioners. Little wonder that I LOVE chiropractic!

Bob C
Feb 2011