Two years later - A Chiropractic Update

I have been in chiropractic care with Dr. Delorme since March 2007 and he continues to be my most valuable and practical wellness tool that I use today. For me, Dr. Delorme has dramatically improved my quality of life and has allowed me to pursue my dreams and my ambitions, despite my being given a very forlorn prognosis four years ago.

In 2007, my general practitioner was encouraging me to give up my apartment to move into a long term care residence since she predicted that I would soon be confined to a wheelchair due to chronic back pain and mobility problems. I turned to Dr.Delorme as a last ditch effort and I haven't looked back since. And no, I am not confined to a wheelchair, nor do I use a walker or cane. I have no doubt at all though that these would be a part of my everyday life if it had not been for Dr. Delorme.

Eric is my holistic practitioner who cares for many of my needs. When my body is rigid, stiff and hurting, coming in for an adjustment or two or three - whatever it takes to get back on track, sets my body right again. When I fell on ice last winter and injured my hip, Eric worked at realigning the parts of me that were compensating for the injury so that I was able to fully heal. Eric has been able to fix many physical aspects of me that have gone awry - my ankles, my knees, my neck,and my lower back. As I age ( I'm now 63), I notice that my body seems to have founds ruts that it likes to travel in and I notice a certain naturalized lopsidedness to my walk. Mother Nature may be intending me to bend over gently like the mighty elm;but, with Dr. Delorme's help, I will challenge how quickly my body will fall over to the side.

Dr. Delorme is also great for my soul. He listens with such genuine curiosity and such compassion, that I often gain a new perspective by having been listened to and supported. Eric takes the time to discuss the relationship of stress, diet and exercise on the nervous system. My understanding and awareness of the interconnectedness of everything goes a long way to increasing my taking personal responsibility for my well-being and for offering me a variety of tools to deal with situations. The physical adjustments complement the mind-body-spirit connection really nice.

I schedule the frequency of my appointments according to what is happening in my life. When I am dealing with lots of stress, I book an adjustment more quickly with Eric than with any of my other health care professionals. I find that an adjustment and a friendly chat with Eric goes a long way to my getting motivated towards wellness and self care. I carry a lot of my tension in my upper back and the adjustments take care of that nicely and seems to smooth out all the other tension throughout my body. I walk out straighter, taller and bouncier.

I continue to have adjustments to deal with stress in my life. I was diagnosed with a mental illness(bipolar disorder) twenty four years ago but now rely on alternative treatments more readily than on medications to remain mentally healthy - chiropractic, diet, exercise, a support network, meditation, peer counselling and spiritual care. The chiropractic care is the foundation piece for everything else since I find it difficult to focus on the other aspects of myself if my body is in pain.
And, as I finally go through therapy to deal with sexual assaults from my past, having chiropractic adjustments help my body heal from the trauma of the abuse that has left residual remains in my body and my psyche.

I have a challenging, fast paced job that I love. I have a full active life. I feel very strongly that none of this would have been possible without the help of Dr. Delorme. I am so grateful for his being a part of my life. Thank You.

A special thanks also to the wonderful team at the clinic -especially to, two of the friendliest and helpful receptionists in Ottawa - Kathy and Lesley. You are all fantastic!

( I first wrote a story telling of my beginnings with Dr. Delorme in 2009 but wanted to write and update to show how much I appreciate the care that he continues to provide me with, care that helps me to have a clear mind, resilient body, and a motivated attitude geared towards wellness and healthy vitality as the years continue to roll by.)

Denise L
May 18th 2011