I am blessed with a quality of health that I have not
enjoyed for many, many years. As the months move quickly towards my 65th
birthday, my body has found a resiliency and a vitality that just did not exist
before I started treatments with Dr. Delorme in March of 2007. Back then, I was
facing losing my independence to live alone, as well as my mobility, as my
doctor recommended a wheelchair and assisted living accommodations. Dr. Delorme
was highly recommended by a friend and what a great healer he was with his
hands and energy. He helped to rebalance my spine, nervous system and muscles
so that I was again able to walk long distances, do yoga and all of the other
activities that my crippling body was refusing to do.

But Dr. Delorme does more to me than just reposition my
spine into a healthier framework. Stress has a huge impact on my body and
settles into familiar ruts that lead to pain and a host of other symptoms.
Although I try to reduce my stress levels through meditation, exercise, healthy
eating and mindfulness thinking, stress tightens my muscles and pulls
everything out of shape. But Dr. Delorme works with my nervous system too with
the chiropractic adjustments and I am better able to deal with the stress and
remain aware of the choices I make so that I can adjust accordingly.

With the help of Dr. Delorme and the supervision of my
psychiatrist, I was able to go off of all psychiatric medications, a task that
took almost 5 years. I first started these medications in 1987 and took a
mighty cocktail of these drugs for the next 24 years. Now my thinking is so
clear that it amazes me. Life is not any easier because Life stills keeps on
happening with its many challenges and opportunities for self-discovery and
growth. But my ability to tolerate stress and my ability to sort through
elements of these challenges is so much greater now.

I have also spent the last 14 months dealing with cardiac
symptoms and discussions of surgery. Believing that a heart attack is happening
is a lonely and frightening experience to move through. But Dr. Delorme was
there to help monitor the situation, to advocate and advise me when I lost
hope, to do adjustments that made my body feel lighter and less tense. I ended
up leaving a job I loved in December, but I know it was the best choice for me
at that time. I have learned from Dr. Delorme's wisdom and care to listen to my
body and to respect its rhythms. I do not fight my body as I did for so many
years. But I ask myself, "What is it I need to hear and learn?" and "What do I
need to do at this time?"

A sleep study test done last spring revealed the cardiac
condition that explained the angina I had been experiencing. But it wasn't
until November when I adjusted to using a C-Pap machine to reduce my sleep
apnea and a follow-up visit in January to the cardiologist that the heart
condition was declared "taken care of" by the improved sleep condition and I
did not require the recommended surgery what a relief. And so, for the first time in many, many
years, I am now off of all physical medications for hypothyroidism and high
blood pressure. I feel truly blessed and grateful for all of the kindness, care
and expertise that Dr. Delorme brought to my care.

He alone of all my health practitioners saw me as a whole
person and not as a part to diagnose and treat. That is one reason why
remaining with Dr. Delorme in his care is so important and essential for me. Of
all of the health care professionals I have seen and continue to see, Dr.
Delorme is the one I am least willing to part with. He helps me on so many
levels. I believe that the chiropractic treatments realign my body, restore my
nervous system and soothe my soul. I am
not just a body. I am also my mind, my emotions and my spirit. Dr. Delorme
works on all four body, mind, emotion and spirit.

I look forward to going to have a treatment. I love the
welcoming friendliness of the staff. I love that time is given when and where needed.
I love the choice of videos on the screen in the waiting room. I am a person
that is not bound to a schedule of set visits. But I rarely go longer than 3
weeks between visits and have even gone several times a week when necessary.
When I was away in Vancouver last summer, I did go for seven weeks without an
adjustment. And my body was amazingly strong to last that long. But believe me when I say, that I was
extremely grateful to be finally lying on the table having a much-needed
adjustment, especially for my right foot that took a beating from all of the
walking while there.

I am so grateful for the care that I receive at the
Woodroffe Chiropractic Clinic and wish the staff and doctors there continued
wellness and growth in clientele.

Denise Linnay

January 28, 2013